Social Media

The rise of new media signifies an important shift in how online information is consumed and distributed. As marketers, we’re faced with the challenge of prioritizing the right channels for our messages. Working in parallel with traditional media channels such as magazines, newspapers and online news sites, One PR can help you effectively use new media tools to make sure your company is highly visible in online conversations.


Our social media services use video, podcasts, blogs, wikis, crowdsourcing, bookmarking, graphics, text messages, and social networking sites to accelerate word-of-mouth marketing. Social media programs at One PR combine elements of viral, buzz, grassroots and influencer marketing to get your most important messages to the right online groups. While tailored to fit your unique marketing goals, most social media programs leverage popular online services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Digg, and Flickr.


Using social media, One PR has helped accelerate the growth of some of the largest communities of technically-savvy people around. We bring more than a decade of experience with the tools and techniques of online and new media to support your marketing goals. We worked with the Linux, YouTube videos, Twitter channels, podcast series, blog programs, and many other techniques.


Service Description

We customize social media programs to support each organization’s unique marketing goals. Some examples of social media programs we can deliver include:



Customers, partners, investors and market influencers go online for information more than ever. Bloggers matter. What are they saying? How do you participate? How do you influence this fluid community? We can find them for you and even help you kick off your own blogging program.


  • Production:  One PR can build and/or coach your team how best to write your new blog. The blog can be deployed and hosted on a service like Blogger as a standalone blog or integrated into your company’s main web site.
  • Management:  One PR manages client’s blog, advises on posts and offers content suggestions designed to generate additional news, blog postings, online discussions, or buzz. Blog management can include risk management when working with controversial topics, damage control, and opinion positioning.
  • Monitoring:  monitors the blogosphere, focusing on topics that are most relevant to the client, looks for opportunities for the client to get involved in online conversations or provide commentary, and advises when and where to take action.
  • Blogger Relations:  One PR maintains relationships with influential bloggers and keeps them informed about client messages, events, and activities.



As soon as podcasting was introduced people were wondering: “will any one actually listen?” Well it looks like people are listening. The total US podcast audience reached 28 million in 2008 and is predicted to exceed 65 million listeners in 2012. Every company has its own voice and we can help you find that voice and project it in the appropriate channels.


  • Production:  One PR writes, records, hosts, and posts client podcasts. Podcasts can be recorded either in person or remotely using phone recording services or computer conferencing over the Internet. Standard phones and consumer-grade microphones can usually be used. Podcasts can be monologue, interview, or discussion formats.  One PR can design interview questions and play the role of interviewer if needed.
  • Management:  One PR develops media plans to push out podcasts to bloggers and influential media. Client creates content and counsels and gives guidelines on soundbites and messaging.
  • Monitoring:  One PR actively pursues publication’s podcast opportunities. Comments and blogs about podcasts are tracked. Client is notified if action is recommended.



Industry reports are making predictions that more than One billion users will be viewing online video by 2013 and almost half of online content will be in video form by 2012. You will want to be involved in online video. But where do you start and what do you film? We can help you create the content and even produce and push out your videos.


  • Production:  One PR writes, records, hosts, and pushes out client videocasts. For efficiency and speed of production, we usually recommend consumer-grade digital video cameras with an output quality suitable for YouTube. Videocasts are generally short (under 3 minutes) and have lower resolution, sound quality and props than broadcast video. This format is faster and cheaper to produce and will fit in with the community video style on sites such as YouTube.  One PR can go on location with our video camera and handle video production, editing and distribution.
  • Management:  One PR develops media plans to push out videocasts to bloggers and influential media. Client creates content and One PR counsels and gives guidelines
  • Monitoring:  One PR actively pursues publication’s videocast opportunities. Online activity around videos are tracked and analyzed. Services include analyzing channel subscriptions, monitoring comments and blogs, recommendations on client actions.


Social Networking

It’s not as bad as high school, but social networks matter today for almost any kind of technology business. You can foster development communities, engage with customers, surface strategic partners, understand who your market influencers are, and much more. Let One PR help show you the way.


  • Production: One PR creates social networking infrastructure/s/accounts for client. For example,  One PR can create a Facebook group for your company/event or create and host your corporate Twitter account.
  • Management:  One PR updates and maintains client social networks
  • Monitoring:  One PR is involved in desired/appropriate social circles and monitors conversation for relevant opportunity for client